4 Things You Should Never Do When Walking Your Dog at Night. Your Dog Could Die Because of the Owner.

Many owners choose to walk their dogs at night as a way to combat the summer heat and suit their lifestyle. When going for a walk at night, be careful not to do anything inappropriate. In this article, we will introduce some things you should never do when walking your dog at night.

What Are the Absolute No-Nos When Walking Your Dog at Night?

Walking your dog at night is one option, but walking at night increases the risk of accidents and problems. In order to walk at night safely and with good manners, it is important to avoid bad behavior. Below, we will introduce the absolute no-nos when walking your dog at night.

1. No Lead

Taking your dog for a walk without a leash is extremely dangerous and should never be done, regardless of the time of day.

Especially at night, when visibility is greatly reduced, it is difficult for drivers of cars and bicycles to notice the presence of dogs, increasing the risk of traffic accidents. If an off-leash dog jumps out and gets into a traffic accident, it can cause serious injuries, or in the worst case scenario, death.

Also, if an off-leash dog suddenly jumps on another dog or person, it can cause big trouble.

2. Blend Into the Darkness

One of the biggest no-nos you should be careful of when walking your dog at night is blending into the darkness. In order to walk safely at night, it is extremely important that drivers of cars and bicycles notice the presence of dogs and their owners.

However, if the dog blends into the darkness, such as when the owner is wearing dark-colored clothing and the dog is not wearing any light-up items, the dog’s visibility will be significantly reduced. This means that drivers are less likely to notice the owner or dog, increasing the risk of traffic accidents.

3. Walk Without Lighting the Way

When walking your dog at night, it is also a no-no to walk without lighting the path. In the dark, it is difficult for owners to notice things falling on the road, but dogs have better vision in the dark than people, so it is easier to notice them. Therefore, there is a possibility that they may end up picking food.

In the unlikely event that your dog eats something that is harmful to your dog, you will not only suffer from diarrhea or vomiting, but it may even be life-threatening, so you must be very careful when picking up food.

Also, if the dog walks without lighting the path, the owner may not be able to notice if dangerous objects such as broken glass fall, and the dog may be injured.

4. Leaving Excrement Behind

When a dog poops or urinates during a night walk, some owners think that no one is looking and leave it alone. However, this is a violation of etiquette and should be avoided at all costs.

Leaving dog excrement around can not only make people around you feel uncomfortable, but it can also negatively affect the image of the dog and its owner as a whole. In order to create a society where dogs can live comfortably, it is important that each owner follows proper manners.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Walking Your Dog at Night?

So far, we have introduced the absolute no-nos when walking your dog at night. From here, we will focus on the key points to keep in mind when walking your dog at night, in a safe and mannerly manner.

1. Always Keep the Leash on and Keep it Short.

Walking at night reduces visibility and increases various risks. Therefore, when walking your dog at night, it is very important to always keep it on a leash and keep it short.

By keeping the leash short, you can quickly control your dog’s movements and protect him from unexpected situations and dangers. For the safety of those around you, always wear a leash and keep it short when walking your dog, regardless of the time of day.

2. Make your Presence Known with Shiny Items

When taking a walk at night, you need to highlight your dog’s presence with luminous items. Wear a leash or collar with reflective material or LED lights so that drivers of cars and bicycles can notice your dog even in dark places with few street lights.

Owners can also make their presence known by wearing clothing that stands out even in the dark or using a neck light. Prevent traffic accidents during night walks by highlighting the presence of both your dog and its owner.

3. Bring a Light

Walking in the dark increases the risk that your dog will pick up things on the road and eat them, or get injured by stepping on things like broken glass. To reduce this risk, bring a light with you on your night walks.

By illuminating your path with lights as you walk, you can avoid things that could be picked up or eaten.

When walking your dog, you need to hold the leash and dispose of the dog’s excrement, so a neck light that can be hung around your neck is convenient because it allows you to use both hands freely.

4. Dispose of Excrement Properly

Even if your dog is out for a walk at night, you must dispose of your dog’s excrement properly. Be sure to bring plastic bags, tissue paper, water in plastic bottles, etc., and dispose of them appropriately.

Remove the poop with a piece of tissue paper, put it in a plastic bag, take it home, and dispose of it according to local government rules. Wash away urine thoroughly with water.

If the area you urinated on is asphalt or concrete, it is ideal to rinse it off with water and then soak it up with a pet sheet. It is also important to get your dog into the habit of using the toilet at home before going for a walk.


There are various dangers lurking when walking your dog at any time of the day, but the risk of accidents and troubles increases especially at night because visibility is low.

Also, since it is a time when there are few people around, your manners as an owner are called into question. When walking your dog at night, be sure to do so in a safe and mannered manner by referring to the things you should never do and what to keep in mind.

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