Why Do Dogs Spin Around Before Pooping? Explaining 5 Possible Reasons

Have you ever wondered why your dog circles around when he poops? Why do they always show strange behavior? In this article, we will introduce possible reasons why dogs spin around before pooping.

I’m curious about the dog’s habitual behavior before pooping…!

Does your dog ever behave strangely before pooping? For example, many owners have probably witnessed their dogs spinning around several times for some reason.

In fact, the exact reason for the strange behavior that dogs do by spinning around before pooping is still unknown.

However, there are several plausible explanations, and they are thought to be based on the dog’s behavior.

why? 5 reasons why dogs spin around before pooping

Here are five possible reasons why dogs spin around before pooping.

1. Check to see if there are any dangerous insects in the area.

One theory is that they are checking to see if there are any dangerous insects in the area they are planning to poop.

When pooping, your dog is defenseless, so there is a risk that you may be stung or bitten by dangerous insects.

Some insects are poisonous, so it is thought that they spin around to check for dangers in advance.

2. Arranging the area to make it easier to poop

One possible reason why they spin around in place before pooping is that they may be preparing the area to make it easier for them to poop.

Especially in areas where grass grows, the standing grass will hit your butt, making you feel uncomfortable. The theory is that if you step on the poop beforehand, you can prepare the area so that it is easy to poop, which is why it is spinning around.

3. The body is aligned along the north-south axis.

A Czech-German research team has found that when dogs poop, their bodies align along a north-south axis.

Therefore, one theory is that they adjust themselves by rotating their bodies along the north-south axis. However, the reason why dogs align their bodies along the north-south axis when pooping is not yet understood.

4. Checking if there are any enemies around.

When I lived as a wild animal, if I was attacked by an enemy while I was defecating, I wouldn’t be able to get a single poop. Therefore, it is thought that they were checking to see if there were any enemies around them.

It is thought that their habits from that time still remain, and before pooping, they circle the area to check for enemies or other dangerous entities.

5. Checking your location by sniffing

It has also been pointed out that when dogs twirl around the area, they may also be checking the ground for scents at the same time. For this reason, it is thought that by sniffing, they can check if it is the place where they pooped last time.

Another theory is that they check to see if other dogs have pooped in their territory. Dogs get a lot of information from smell, so it may be possible that they get information from smell before pooping.


How was it? It is currently not clear why dogs spin around before pooping. However, as research continues, we hope that the day will come when the reason for this will be elucidated.

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