Why Your Dog Barks When the Intercom Rings?

Do you have a problem with your dog barking every time the intercom rings? To respond correctly, first, find out why your dog is reacting. In this article, we will introduce three reasons why your dog barks when the intercom rings and what you can do about it

The psychology of a pet dog that barks when the intercom rings

If your dog barks “Woof, woof!” every time the intercom at the front door rings, it can be a nuisance to the neighbors and startle guests. While you’re dealing with visitors, your dog may start barking and get angry.

In order to take appropriate measures, it is important to know why your dog is reacting to the intercom. If you are a pet owner who has these concerns, please check to see if any of the explanations here apply to you.

1. I want to chase away the visitors.

Alert dogs tend to bark at visitors out of territorial instinct. For this reason, dogs tend to have a bad impression of intercoms and will bark to warn owners of danger.

Scary dogs also tend to bark out of fear. If the delivery man or other person comes home at the same time as the dog barking, they may learn that “barking will drive them away.” Dogs that tend to bark at strangers are likely to fall into this category.

2. Because you will be cared for

A dog that gets excited and barks when the intercom rings may think that barking will get him attention. Even if an owner intends to warn their dog to stop barking, the dog may take it as “Let’s play!” or “Let’s go for a walk!”

If the sound of the intercom is a “play signal” for your dog, paying attention will have the opposite effect.

3. You will receive a reward.

You should also be careful if your dog barks and scolds you every time the intercom rings and then gives you a treat afterward. In this case, the dog has learned that if you bark, you will receive a reward.

First, try to get your dog to stop barking.

Measures to prevent dogs from barking into the intercom

To prevent your dog from barking over the intercom, the following measures are effective: If you are worried about your dog barking every time you have visitors, please give this a try.

pretend not to know

Pretending not to know is effective for dogs who have incorrect mnemonics, such as “I’ll be bitten by you” or “I’ll get a treat.” If you pretend you don’t know when your dog barks, your dog will gradually come to understand that there is nothing good about barking.

Give them a snack when they become quiet

Give the reward once your dog is quiet. When the intercom rings, before your dog gets excited, give commands like “mate” and “house” and give him a treat when he can.

Switch to giving a reward after praising, rather than after scolding. Timing of praise is very important when training a dog.

put in crate

If your dog is fearful or wary, put him in a crate to calm him down. For this reason, it is necessary to teach your child about “house” on a daily basis.

When the intercom rings, ask them to come into the “house” so they can regain their composure.

Also, if your dog has a hard time stopping barking, we recommend letting him play with educational toys that don’t easily give out treats. In addition to intercoms, it can also be applied to respond to loud sounds such as fireworks and sirens.


This time, we explained why your dog barks when the intercom rings.

Many dogs bark in response to noise, and many owners have trouble every time they have visitors.

If you are a pet owner who is worried about the sound of the intercom, please try the measures introduced here. Don’t expect immediate results, train so you can move forward one step at a time.

Mian Zubair

My goal in writing here is to create a happier and more comfortable home for dog owners and the dogs they love, while improving quality of life. I have knowledge and experience to write various information about dogs.

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