4 Signs That Your Dog Is Telling You It’s in Trouble

Dogs use various gestures and actions to appeal to their owners when they are in trouble. In this article, we will introduce the signs that your dog is telling you that it is in trouble, so be sure to listen to the SOS signals from your dog.

4 Signs That Your Dog Is Telling You It’s in Trouble

When a dog encounters a problem and is unable to deal with it on its own, it often seeks help from its trusted owner. However, since they cannot speak the language, they mostly appeal to you through gestures and actions.

In this article, we will explain the gestures and actions that dogs show when they communicate that they are in trouble, as well as the possible causes.

1. Hide behind the owner or under furniture

When something scary or scary happens, many dogs will try to protect themselves by hiding behind their owners or behind furniture. At that time, the dog may sometimes look at the owner and ask for help or to say, “I’m in trouble.”

This behavior is often displayed when a dog hears an unfamiliar and disturbing noise, a professional comes into the house, or a pet dog approaches from across the street.

2. Comes next to the owner and trembles

Many dogs approach their owners to ask for help when they are worried. At that time, if your dog comes next to you and you see him shaking a little, you might start to worry, wondering if something has happened.

In this way, when dogs are in trouble or feel anxious, they often come to the owner’s side and tremble.

In some cases, you may suspect that your dog is unwell, so keep an eye on your dog, and if it doesn’t get better the next day, take it to a veterinary hospital.

3. Glancing anxiously at the owner

When something uneasy or troublesome happens, they often glance at their owners with a somewhat anxious expressions on their faces.

For example, your dog may hear an uneasy and unfamiliar noise coming from the front door, or your dog may sense that you are leaving the house.

If a toy they were playing with gets stuck behind a piece of furniture and they can’t get it out on their own, they may glance at you and ask for help.

4. Make a cry in a specific place

When a dog is in a difficult situation, such as “I can’t get the toy stuck in there!” or “Get it out of here!”, many dogs will bark on the spot to signal their owners.

Some dogs bark like they’re in trouble, while others let out a slightly high-pitched voice like “Can-can!” to signal their owners.

What owners should do when their dog expresses distress

As introduced above, how should an owner respond when a dog cries out “I’m in trouble” and “I need help?”

The basic and appropriate response is to solve the problem your dog is having and try to calm him down and ease his anxiety.

If something makes you feel anxious, it may be effective to find out the cause and eliminate it, or try inviting your child to play with a toy to distract him or her.

However, if you notice any abnormalities such as trembling, lack of energy, loss of appetite, diarrhea, or vomiting, please take your pet to a veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

Also, when your cat is chirping, it is important to determine why it is chirping. In the case of demand barking, if you respond, there is a risk that your dog will develop a barking habit, so avoid responding to the barking unless there is an urgent need to deal with it.


How was it? When dogs are faced with a difficult situation, they use their gestures and actions to tell their owners that they are in trouble and that they need help. Don’t ignore these signs and take appropriate action to calm your dog down.

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