Why Do Dogs Enjoy Chasing Each Other? Essential Tips And Precautions For Safe Playing!

In this article, we will explain in detail why dogs like chasing, what to watch out for, and the benefits! This is a must-see for owners and dog lovers who live with dogs that like to chase!

Why do dogs enjoy chasing each other?

Dogs are animals that love to play, such as chasing each other. This is because playing fulfills social emotions and relieves stress. Now, I will explain in detail why I like chasing.

Moving objects stimulates a dog’s hunting instinct.

Dogs have a hunting instinct that allows them to chase and catch moving objects. Pet dogs today do not hunt, but they have inherited the instincts of their wolf ancestors, so the same behavior can be seen in dogs.

For example, their hunting instinct is responsible for their sensitivity to moving objects, such as chasing running people, bicycles, cars, cats, and birds on the side of the road.

This is a behavior that dogs cannot resist, so even if your dog suddenly starts chasing something, understand that it can’t be helped because it’s an instinct they’re born with.

Of course, if your dog is at risk of harming itself, people, or other dogs, please stop.

enjoys predatory behavior

Predation behavior refers to the series of actions of “searching for prey, capturing it, and finishing it off.’’

In fact, this behavior has the benefit of giving you the sense of excitement of following your curiosity and exploring your surroundings. In other words, chasing is a very enjoyable recreation for dogs.

Dogs are animals that enjoy communicating with their friends.

Dogs are highly communicative animals. Although dogs cannot communicate verbally like humans, they communicate with each other through body language.

Body language plays an important role in satisfying a dog’s social attachment (desire to interact with and befriend other people).

Chasing is a form of communication for dogs and is an important game for fulfilling their desires and releasing stress. That’s why dogs like to communicate.

Benefits of dogs playing chase

Dogs Enjoy Chasing Each Other

Chasing your dog has many other benefits than just “playing”. Learn the benefits of chasing and make your dog’s “play” time more meaningful.

You can release your dog’s urge to run and chase.

A dog’s urge to run and chase is a behavior that comes from their hunting instinct. In fact, if this instinctual behavior is restricted, it will be stressful for the dog.

Continuing to feel stressed can lead to problematic behavior or poor health. If your dog likes to chase, it is very important to do so within a safe range and let the urge to run and chase go away in your daily life.

Learn how to interact with other dogs

In addition to releasing stress and satisfying your dog’s desires, chasing each other is also important for learning manners and social skills.

For example, they are learning how to interact with dogs, such as, “I know you bumped into me, but I’ll forgive you,’’ and “It’s not a good idea to chase me too hard.’’

In particular, many dogs that were chased a lot when they were puppies are good at chasing and interacting with other dogs as adults. On the other hand, it is said that inexperienced dogs are often difficult to handle.

However, just because your dog doesn’t like chasing, there’s no need to force him to chase. Some dogs are seniors, some dogs don’t like dogs, and some dogs don’t like playing, so you should play with them in a way that suits them.

It’s time to deepen the bond with the owner

Dogs view playing with each other and playing with humans as completely different things.

When dogs chase each other, they learn manners and social skills and have fun competing with other dogs, but when they chase with their owners, they learn things like cooperation and building relationships of trust.

Furthermore, it is said that while playing with their owners, they secrete happy hormones (endorphins), which give them a sense of happiness and create a bond.

Precautions when playing chasing a dog

Dogs Enjoy Chasing Each Other

When dogs are playing chase, the owner must always supervise. This is because the main premise of a chase is for both parties to have fun, so it is necessary to observe whether your dog is violating etiquette that could annoy the other person.

So, in what cases is it a violation of etiquette?

Perform within the scope of “fun play”

Basically, when dogs are playing with each other, there is no problem as long as the owner just supervises them. However, if the chase is not mutually “fun’’, the owner must stop it.

When should you avoid chase situations?

chase unilaterally

When dogs chase each other, the rule is “chase and be chased.” If you only use one or the other, the dog being chased will no longer be playing. If this happens, take your dog away from the chase.

dogs start fighting

Chasing each other can sometimes lead to a fight. It may be difficult to tell whether the dogs are playing or fighting, but if the dogs are clearly aggressive, showing their gums and showing their fangs, or if their coats are standing on end, stop the chase.

chasing one dog with many dogs

Please refrain from chasing one another in a bullying manner. The dogs being chased may be fun, but the dog being chased is terrifying.

Chasing a dog that doesn’t like chasing

At the dog run, there are many types of dogs, including those who like to chase each other and those who want to spend time with their owners.

If you chase a dog that doesn’t want to chase, the chased dog will get into trouble and may even start to dislike dog parks.

If your dog is in either position, stop the chase. When playing with a dog you have never met before, it is important to ask the owner if the dog likes to play and be careful not to cause problems between the dogs.

dog is excited

If your dog is distracted and excited, stop the chase. When a dog gets excited, it can become dangerous, such as barking, not being able to receive signals from other dogs, or not listening to the owner.

In this case, calm down your dog first, as both of you may get hurt.

Owners control dog behavior problems such as barking and biting.

When chasing each other, your dog may bite, bark, or exhibit other problematic behaviors. If your dog exhibits any of the following behaviors, the owner should take control.

Barking or biting another dog

There are many cases where play gets heated and the dog ends up barking or biting the other dog. This can frighten the other dog and could even cause injury. If your dog is doing this, stop chasing him.

Take away toys, keep them to yourself, and growl

Taking away toys can cause a fight. If your dog takes another dog’s toy, take it away immediately and return it to the owner.

Hit the opponent with force and jump.

When they are playing, they may have fun, and the play may escalate to dangerous behavior such as physical contact. Especially if you have dogs with different physical differences, you should stop the dog immediately as it can seriously injure the smaller dog.

Tips for owners to have fun playing chase with their dogs

Dogs Enjoy Chasing Each Other

We have explained how dogs chase each other, but how should they do it and what should they be careful about when chasing their owners? Here are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy chasing your dog.

Recommended way for dogs to chase their owners

When playing chase with your dog, always have the owner act as the runaway and teach the dog to chase when called. If you play the role of running away, your dog will learn that running away = fun. This can sometimes be inconvenient in everyday life.

For example, if your dog loses its leash during a walk, it may run away and be difficult to catch. However, if the dog always plays the role of running away from its owner and has learned to “follow the owner when called’’, it will be able to cope well with such incidents.

The owner decides when to start and end the play

Owners should take control when playing with their dogs. Setting rules and not following your dog’s orders is important for dogs and their owners to have fun together.

Letting the dog take the lead can lead to repeated demand barking, agitation and disobedience, and even injuries and accidents.

To avoid the worst situation, it is important for the owner to take the initiative when playing with their dog.

Beware of accidental ingestion

When playing indoors, be careful not to accidentally eat your child. For example, when a dog plays chasing and catching a toy, it gets excited and becomes more interested in things other than the toy.

Move anything that can be dangerous if swallowed (medicine, chocolate, cosmetics, etc.) out of reach of your dog.

Do not play on slippery floors such as wooden floors.

This is also something to keep in mind when playing indoors. Wooden or marble floors can be slippery and very dangerous for dogs. This can lead to scary illnesses such as dislocations and hernias, so make sure the floor your dog plays on is carpeted to prevent slipping.


Dogs Enjoy Chasing Each Other

This time, we explained why dogs enjoy chasing each other, as well as some tips and cautions on how to play.

After reading this article, I hope you have learned that chasing is a meaningful and important “play” and plays an important role in building a bond with the owner.

Chasing has many benefits for your dog. However, if you do not follow the rules, it will be difficult to reap the benefits.

The important thing to keep in mind is that when dogs chase each other, you need to follow good manners and make sure the chase is fun for everyone.

When playing chase with your dog, it is very important to do it in the correct way and to ensure that both you and your dog can play safely. Let’s play chase with dog friends and owners on a daily basis to release stress and relieve your dog’s lack of exercise!

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My goal in writing here is to create a happier and more comfortable home for dog owners and the dogs they love, while improving quality of life. I have knowledge and experience to write various information about dogs.

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