Are Water Wipes Safe For Dogs? A Guide for Pet Parents

 Dogs are playful and adventurous creatures, which means they can go from clean to dirty in the blink of an eye. My dog, Bongo, enjoys rolling around and tumbling in my backyard, which makes him look incredibly icky afterward.
Showering your dog every time it gets muddy will make you exhausted and damage its skin.

Using dog wipes is a different option, but they can be pricey. When their dogs get dirty, some dog owners will clean their dog’s paws, ears, and bodies with water wipes or baby wipes.

Although using baby wipes or water wipes on your dog might seem safe, you should be aware of the wipes’ other ingredients. Some wipes could irritate your dog’s skin because they contain alcohol or synthetic scents.
In this article, we’ll quickly go over what water wipes are and discuss how safe it is to clean your dog with baby wipes in general.

What Are Water Wipes?

A brand of baby wipes called Water Wipes is appropriate for newborns, premature infants, and infants with sensitive skin.
Since they are primarily made of water, water wipes advertise themselves as the purest baby wipes available.
It has 99% water, traces of Benzalkonium Chloride, and grapefruit seed extract.
Apparently, because it contains gentle and non-abrasive ingredients, it is safe enough to be applied to a baby’s face.

Does It Make Water Wipes Safe For My Dog?

Water wipes appear to be secure enough to be applied to your dog at first glance. However, a dog’s biological makeup is distinct from that of a newborn human.
What is potentially safe for us may become toxic for our animal friends.
We need to look at the other ingredients in this baby wipe in order to confirm that it is safe to use.

What Other Safer Alternatives Can I Use To Clean My Dog?

Here are some alternatives that you can think about given that the aforementioned chemicals might not be secure for your dog.

DIY Dog Wipes

Are Water Wipes Safe For Dogs? A Guide for Pet Parents
You can make your own dog wipes if you want to keep them as chemical-free as possible. I divide each piece of a pack of inexpensive dry sweeping cloth refills in half.
I simply wet the cloth when I need to wipe my dog’s muddy paws or body, and I may add some dog shampoo if necessary.
I’ll just toss that piece away when the job is finished.
If you want something more biodegradable, paper towels also work well. Paper towels, however, seem to rip easily when they’re wet in my experience. The best application for them is dry wipes.
You can simply re-use a microfiber cloth if waste is a concern. I would advise using a different cloth for your dog’s face and body if you plan to use that one to wipe your dog’s butt and paws.

Dog Wipes

You can buy wet wipes specifically designed for dogs in any pet store. Since most dog wipes are created with canines in mind, the ingredients are usually mild and non-toxic.
However, it would be best to read the ingredients label to be on the safe side and make sure there are no unpleasant surprises.

Types Of Baby Wipes To Avoid

Please be aware that not all baby wipes are created equal if you do decide to use them. What is risk-free for a human infant may be toxic to your dog.
Useless baby wipes with the following ingredients should not be used:

Artificial Frangrances

Some baby wipes have artificial scents to make the baby smell lovely, especially after a poop job.
After a wipe-down, it might appear that your dog smells like roses or apricots, but these scents can make dogs sick.
Make sure the baby wipes you use don’t have any scents.

Moisturizing Baby Wipes

After cleaning, some baby wipes have moisturizers in them to help calm the baby’s skin. Although it is bad for dogs, this can make your baby’s skin feel soft and smooth.
If your dog consumes moisturizing substances like vitamin E oil or aloe vera, it may experience severe stomach upset.

Aromatic oils

Are Water Wipes Safe For Dogs? A Guide for Pet Parents
Avoid using any wipes that contain essential oils at all costs. Dogs lack the enzymes needed to break down specific chemicals present in essential oils in their bodies.
Over time, this could accumulate and negatively impact your dog’s health.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol, which is frequently present in baby wipes, is also extremely toxic to dogs, just like essential oils are.
The other ingredients can penetrate the skin more effectively because it acts as an enhancer.
When dogs consume this substance, it can result in low blood pressure, seizures, and even death.

Dog Wipes Vs Baby Wipes

Dog wipes generally contain ingredients that are safe for dogs to ingest, which is one of the main differences between dog wipes and baby wipes.
You don’t want your dog to ingest potentially poisonous ingredients because it will still lick itself clean after you wipe it down.

Can We Use Dog Wipes On Humans?

Using dog wipes on humans is unquestionably safer than using human wipes on dogs. Humans and dogs can both safely consume the same ingredients.
You’ll still be safe even if you have the strange habit of licking yourself after using the wipes.


So, can dogs safely use baby wipes? No, and yes. Only the baby wipe’s ingredients can determine whether using them on dogs is risky or safe.
Never assume that any brand of wet wipes or baby wipes you buy will be safe for your dog.
Before using anything on your pet, always read the label to make sure there are no harmful ingredients.



Are Water Wipes safe for dogs?

Water Wipes are safe for dogs due to their hypoallergenic nature, being made from 99.9% pure water and a small amount of fruit extract.

Can I use regular baby wipes on my dog?

Dog-specific wipes or hypoallergenic alternatives like Water Wipes are recommended over common baby wipes due to their potential to irritate their skin.

Are there any specific dog wipes I should use instead of Water Wipes?

Dog-specific wipes, containing calming ingredients like aloe vera and oatmeal, are available on the market to cater to their skin pH and needs.

When should I use Water Wipes on my dog?


Water wipes are versatile tools for cleaning your dog’s paws, and face, and freshening them up between baths, making them ideal for quick cleanups.


Can I use Water Wipes to clean my dog’s entire body?


Water wipes are suitable for light cleaning and spot cleaning on small areas, but not for full-body cleaning. Use dog-specific shampoo and wipes for larger tasks.


Are Water Wipes safe for puppies?


Water wipes are generally safe for puppies, but it’s crucial to read the product label and consult a veterinarian if there are any concerns about their ingredients.

Can Water Wipes help with allergies in dogs?

Water wipes temporarily remove allergens from dog fur, but don’t provide long-term allergy relief. Consult your vet for appropriate allergy management, including specific shampoos or medications.

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