6 Diseases That Dogs Are Prone to in Spring

6 diseases that dogs are prone to in spring
We have summarized the diseases that dogs are prone to in spring. In spring, it is easy to feel unwell, and ...
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Why Are Dogs Prone to Otitis Externa? (Symptoms and Breeds)

Otitis externa, which occurs in the dog’s ears, is one of the diseases that plague many dogs. So this time, we ...
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5 Diseases and Injuries That Small Dogs Should Be Careful About

Small dogs are very popular in the world due to housing conditions and other reasons. However, because they are small dogs, ...
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4 Dog Breeds That Are Prone to Rough Skin

Dogs are covered in fluffy fur, but many children suffer from skin problems hidden beneath that fur. This time, we will ...
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3 Early Symptoms of Depression in Dogs (Warning Signs)

Depression in dogs is said to be on the rise in recent years. In this article, we will introduce the early ...
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