3 Ultra Dangerous Dog Poop: Identifying Hazardous Colors and Shapes

Do you check your dog’s poop every time? In fact, you can determine the health status of a dog by looking at its poop. In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of “ultra dangerous dog poop” in dogs that should be taken to the hospital.

Dog poop is a barometer of health status

Do you check the condition of your dog every time it poops? Your dog’s poop can be used as a barometer to determine your dog’s health status that day.

By checking the color, shape, softness, and foreign substances contained, you can help determine whether the food is healthy or not. When your dog poops, be sure to check the condition of the poop.

What are the characteristics of healthy poop?

So, what are the characteristics of healthy dog ​​poop?

  • a little damp
  • It has a prototype and will not lose its shape when picked up.
  • Brown to slightly dark brown
  • Defecating 1 to 2 times a day

If your dog has poop like this, there is generally no major health problem.

Of course, poop is not the only indicator of your health. Don’t forget to have a health check every year and monitor your dog’s daily health.

Go to the Hospital Now! 3 Super Dangerous Dog Poops

So, what kind of poop is excreted that is suspected to be dangerous? Here, we will introduce the characteristics of “super dangerous poop” in dogs that should be taken to the hospital immediately.

1. Dos black color

If your dog excretes poop that is pitch black rather than dark brown, it may be due to bleeding in the esophagus, stomach, or small intestine.

When bleeding occurs in this area, it takes time for it to be excreted, which causes the blood to turn black over time. A large amount of discolored blood is mixed into the stool, which is excreted as tarry stool (dark-colored poop).

2. The whole poop is red

It’s not uncommon to find a little bit of blood in your poop. When excreting poop after constipation, the area around the anus may get slightly cut and blood may get mixed in.

However, if the entire poop is red, it may be due to bleeding from the large intestine or rectum. If the entire poop is bright red, it means there is a lot of blood.

You should take your pet to a veterinary hospital as soon as possible, as you suspect that the cat may have a tumor, colitis, or another serious illness.

3. Watery stool that does not retain its original shape

If you are excreting watery stools that are not a little softer than usual but are so watery that they are not in their original shape, you may be suffering from an infection or serious illness.

Watery feces may be excreted as a sign of accidental ingestion or poisoning, and there is a risk of dehydration if left untreated, so take your pet to a veterinary hospital as soon as possible.

If you notice any other symptoms like this, please go to the hospital.

In addition to the characteristic poop mentioned above, if you notice any of the following symptoms, take your dog to the hospital.

  • Watery or loose stools that last for more than 3 days
  • Other symptoms (vomiting, and loss of appetite) are present at the same time.
  • obviously losing weight
  • I feel exhausted and cannot move from the same place.

The disease may be hidden or the symptoms may become more severe.

In addition, if diarrhea continues for a long period of time, other symptoms such as malnutrition and dehydration may occur, so appropriate treatment is necessary.

If you wrap the excreted poop in a bag or toilet sheet and bring it to the hospital, the poop will be examined and a more accurate diagnosis will be made. Remove as much poop as possible into a bag and show it to your veterinarian.

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How was it? The types of poop introduced this time are all highly urgent. If your dog passes blood-tainted poop or watery stool, contact your veterinarian.

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