What to Do If Your Dog Barks or Chases a Cat When It Sees It?

Many owners have the problem that their dog barks when it spots a cat or even tries to chase it. This does not mean that there is anything particularly wrong with the child; it is a completely normal reaction for a dog, and it occurs because the dog has not been socialized enough.

If your dog barks or chases a cat when it sees it, socialize it.

If your dog barks or chases a cat when it sees it, it is often a sign that your dog has a strong interest in cats.

If cats are well-socialized, this will not happen and they will be able to live with them as a part of their daily life, but if they are not socialized enough, they will not be a part of their daily life and will have a strong interest in them. If the object is there, it becomes.

Therefore, by socializing your cat, you will gradually be able to ignore the cat, and behavior such as barking and chasing will decrease.

Socialization of dogs lasts a lifetime, not just when they are puppies.

Many dog ​​owners think that the socialization of dogs only occurs during puppyhood, but that is incorrect.

It is true that there is a socialization period during the puppy’s growth stage, but socialization itself lasts a lifetime, so by working hard, you can socialize your dog to various things.

Therefore, there is no need to be pessimistic and think, “It’s because they weren’t properly socialized when they were puppies.”

Please consult with a professional who is knowledgeable about behavior analysis and considers animal welfare.

They will definitely help you socialize in a positive and kind way.

Choosing a method to punish your dog will make it more aggressive

Some professionals suggest ways to use punishment to stop cats from barking and chasing.

In fact, there are still many professionals who propose such methods, and they justify the use of punishment by insisting on the sharpness and balance of angry praise, which makes pet owners feel like they have no choice but to do so. There are also quite a few.

However, using punishment goes against animal welfare, which is the basic principle of adopting animals, and it has more disadvantages than advantages, such as making the situation worse or creating new problems. You need to know that it is large.

Also, if you use punishment when your dog sees a cat and barks at it or tries to chase it, your dog will develop an aversion towards that object.

In this case, the dog will learn that unpleasant things will happen because of the presence of the cat, and in order to avoid such unpleasant things, the dog will bark even louder or try to attack the cat, so it will try to stop it. This only creates a vicious cycle of further punishment.

Never choose to use punishment, as it will only be a painful time that won’t make anyone happy.


If your dog barks or chases a cat when it sees a cat, it means that it is very interested in it, so you need to socialize it so that it becomes a normal part of your daily life.

Socialization is something that lasts a lifetime, not just during puppyhood, so instead of using punishment, consult a professional and promote socialization in a way that takes animal welfare into account.

Mian Zubair

My goal in writing here is to create a happier and more comfortable home for dog owners and the dogs they love, while improving quality of life. I have knowledge and experience to write various information about dogs.

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