5 Psychological Reasons Why Your Dog Peeks Into the Bathtub

Have you ever had the experience of your dog peeking through the gap in the door while you were taking a bath? You can’t help but laugh at the cute horror-like situation! Why do they want to look into their owners’ baths? 5 reasons why your dog peeks into the bathtub.

I was surprised when my dog ​​peeked into his owner’s bath for some reason!

Have you ever heard a noise behind you while you were taking a bath, only to find that your dog had entered the changing room or bathroom?

Surprisingly, many owners seem to have stories of their pet being peeped at, their pet entering the changing room before they knew it, or being in front of the door.

It’s a surprising sight when you experience it for the first time, but if you see this behavior over and over again, you’ll wonder why they want to peek at you. Why do they peek into their owners’ baths?

Why? 5 reasons why your dog peeks into the bathtub

Many people who see their dog peeking into the bathtub may wonder, “There’s nothing interesting about it,” or “Why does it peek in?” Here, we will introduce the psychology behind dogs peeking into their owners baths.

1. I want to check the whereabouts of the owner

The most common reason why dogs peek into their owners’ baths is to check their whereabouts, asking if their owners are there.

The psychology of knowing that a dog is inside the house, but wanting to at least check where it is, is thought to be a vestige of the days when dogs lived in groups in the wild.

2. Curious about what the owner is doing

Many dogs see their owners going into the same place at the same time every day and become curious about what they are always doing.

Many families probably shower and shampoo their dog in the bathroom once or twice a month. Because the owners visit the dogs almost every day, they may wonder and become curious about what they do every day.

3. Checking if the owner is okay

When dogs lived in the wild, they lived in groups with their friends. Therefore, even if you know where your pet is, you may worry about what to do if something happens inside and whether the owner is safe.

In order to ease their anxiety, some dogs go into the bathroom to check if their owners are okay.

4. I feel anxious when I can’t see my owner.

In the case of spoiled dogs or lonely dogs, some children may become anxious just by not being able to see their owners. Therefore, in order to be as close as possible, they will visit the owner’s bathroom or changing room and take a peek.

If your dog wants to be with you all the time or starts barking when you can’t see him, he may be suffering from separation anxiety. Let’s reconsider the sense of distance between you and your dog.

5. The owner laughed when I peeked in before.

Based on his previous experience of peeking at his owner when he happened to be taking a bath, the owner laughed, and there is a possibility that he went to peek at the owner because he thought, “Maybe I’ll make him laugh again” or “Maybe he’ll be happy.” There is also.

If your cat looks happy or has eyes full of anticipation when you look into it, there is a high possibility that it is waiting for the owner to be happy.


Reasons Why Your Dog Peeks Into the Bathtub

How was it? The psychology behind dogs peeking into the bathtub is very cute when you understand it. However, be aware that if your dog frequently exhibits problematic behavior when you are not with them, it may be due to separation anxiety.

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