Why Does My Dog’s Mouth Smell? 5 Causes And Remedies To Eliminate Odor

Why Does My Dog’s Mouth Smell?

Have you ever noticed that your dog’s bad breath has been bothering you lately? Maybe your daily lifestyle is the cause, or you might be hiding a disease… This time, we will introduce the causes of a dog’s bad breath and ways to eliminate the odor.

What Are The 5 Causes Of Dog’s Bad Breath?

Why does my dog's mouth smell? 5 causes and remedies to eliminate odor

Many owners say they are concerned about their dog’s bad breath. Why does my dog’s mouth smell bad? Here we will explain the causes of a dog’s bad breath.

1. Not Making Tooth Brushing A Habit

If you do not brush your teeth every day, food particles from the day’s meals may remain on your teeth, and bacteria may grow, resulting in poor oral hygiene.

Continued poor oral hygiene can lead to periodontal disease, which can make your bad breath worse.

2. Your Mouth is Dry

Why does my dog's mouth smell? 5 causes and remedies to eliminate odor

If you don’t drink enough water or your mouth becomes dry due to increased breathing during the hot summer months, saliva becomes concentrated and sticky, causing bad breath.

Be careful not to breathe with your mouth open, as the water evaporates more easily, which can further dry out your mouth.

3. Gastrointestinal Discomfort Due To Hunger Or Overeating

If your gastrointestinal health is disturbed due to hunger or overeating, your breath may have a sour taste similar to stomach acid or a smell similar to fecal matter.

Bad breath reflects not only the health of your mouth but also your entire body. In particular, the gastrointestinal tract is connected to the mouth, so it is easily affected.

4. The Dog Food You Are Feeding Has Deteriorated.

Why does my dog's mouth smell? 5 causes and remedies to eliminate odor

If the dog food you are feeding your dog has deteriorated, your dog’s oral environment may deteriorate, or it may cause gastrointestinal upset, leading to bad breath.

It’s easy to overlook dog food, but the expiration date is marked on it. If your dog’s food is well past its expiration date, switch it to fresh dog food.

5. Caused By Periodontal Disease Or Oral Disease

As mentioned earlier, neglecting to brush your teeth or eating an unbalanced diet can lead to periodontal disease and oral diseases.

Such diseases not only worsen bad breath but also pose a risk of adversely affecting the body’s organs. It is also important to have regular oral health checkups.

Introducing Remedies To Deodorize Your Dog’s Mouth!

Why does my dog's mouth smell? 5 causes and remedies to eliminate odor


If you start to notice that your dog’s mouth smells bad, it is important to take measures to correct it as soon as possible. Specifically, we have the following improvement measures, so let’s put them into practice as much as possible.

  • Get into the habit of brushing your teeth every day
  • Use anti-fast eating utensils to avoid eating too quickly.
  • Don’t give your dog too much food at once
  • Don’t give too much food other than dog food
  • Remove tartar and plaque at the hospital
  • Get regular checkups and receive the necessary treatment

In addition to making brushing your dog’s teeth a habit, you should also be careful about how you eat your dog’s food, as this can greatly affect the burden on your dog’s stomach and intestines.

Also, if your dog’s bad breath is bothering you too much, visit a hospital with a veterinarian specializing in dental treatment and have him undergo treatment to remove tartar and plaque.

It is also important to have a regular check-up once a year to understand the state of your overall health. If an abnormality is discovered, treatment may lead to improvement in bad breath.


Why does my dog's mouth smell? 5 causes and remedies to eliminate odor

How was it? There are five main reasons why dogs have bad breath. If you have any concerns, please take corrective measures immediately or visit your local veterinary hospital or clinic specializing in canine teeth to check your dog’s dental health.

My goal in writing here is to create a happier and more comfortable home for dog owners and the dogs they love, while improving quality of life. I have knowledge and experience to write various information about dogs.

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