5 Signs of a Dog Being Upset – Behaviors and Actions When a Dog Is in a Bad Mood

Dogs are emotional animals and can become angry for a variety of reasons. This time, we will explain the signs that dogs show when they become angry and what owners should do about it. How should you treat a defiant pet dog?

Reason? 5 “Signs of sulking” from dogs

Dogs are animals with complex emotions and thoughts. Therefore, if your requests are not met or if you are stressed out, you may become angry.

Here we will introduce the gestures and actions that dogs show when they become angry, so please use them as a reference to understand your dog’s feelings.

1. Slight reaction to touch

Usually, when you touch them, they happily show their belly or rub against you, but for some reason, have you ever noticed that they don’t seem to react even when you touch them? Maybe he’s sulking for some reason.

If their owners don’t pay attention to them, or if they are preoccupied with other things, many dogs will become sullen and think, “Maybe they don’t care about themselves.”

2. Ignoring someone when you call out to them (fall asleep)

Many dogs will turn around or run towards you when their owner calls out to them. If your partner usually responds well to you, but for some reason, he ignores you today, he may be feeling angry.

Also, many dogs will pretend to be asleep and say, “I don’t know you anymore,” even if you call out to them, and some will actually fall asleep.

3. He looks at you with a relaxed expression.

My dog ​​stares at me with a helpless expression, as if his expression has somehow disappeared. This could mean that the dog wants to appeal to the owner about something, but is in a bad mood and seems lethargic.

It is said that over a long history, dogs have genetically learned to imitate human facial expressions. Therefore, when they are defiant, they may make facial expressions similar to those that humans make.

4. Moves away when approached, dislikes it

Even dogs that usually show a happy expression when you approach them may suddenly move away from you when you get angry, or they may growl angrily and say, “Enough!”

There are many reasons for this, such as being scolded, having your appeals repeatedly ignored, or not getting the snack you wanted. Let’s just keep an eye on it for a while.

5. Deliberately engage in problematic behavior such as chewing things.

Some dogs try to release their stress by chewing on things to express their frustration at not getting enough attention or being scolded by their owners.

Just like a young child would throw a tantrum, they’ll grab things like cushions or their owner’s socks and swing them around, or they’ll try chewing on things you’d normally be warned not to do.

By doing this, they may be trying to show off that they are dissatisfied or to get the owner’s attention.

What Owners Should Do When Their Dog Is Defiant?

If your dog shows signs of being upset, please keep an eye on him or her. Once your dog’s mood improves little by little, many dogs’ expressions will become softer and they will come closer to you.

Also, if you find yourself expressing your irritation with problematic behavior, be sure to say “no” and leave the situation. This is to make sure that the children learn that they will not be cared for even if they do something wrong.

When your pet shows signs of calm, gently call his name and give him lots of love. It is also important to provide proper aftercare, such as praising your pet through physical contact, playing with toys, and simple training.


How was it? When you are showing your dog the “sulking sign” introduced this time, please keep an eye on him for a while. Once your dog has calmed down, call his name, face your dog as usual, and give him some love.

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