3 Things You Should Never Do That Will Make Your Dog Angry!

Even if your dog is always pure and loyal, that doesn’t mean he will forgive you for everything. Sometimes your actions may be causing stress. Are you making your dog angry with this kind of bad behavior?

3 Things That Will Make Your Dog Angry!

️1. Pick up food and snacks

When your dog is eating, his wild instincts are returning. Dogs hunt large prey in groups in the wild, so finding something to eat was a rare opportunity.

Therefore, they are animals with a strong sense of “eating when they can.” Even if you live in human society, it’s easy to feel like you have to eat what’s in front of you, so if your food or snack is taken away while you’re in the middle of eating it, you end up feeling hopelessly stressed.

Even if your child is usually calm, they may become violent as soon as food is involved, or become threatening when trying to protect the food or the plate. This is likely due to this stress.

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️2. Forcibly asking for skinship

Dogs love skinship with their owners! Skinship is essential to deepening bonds and building a relationship of trust, but that doesn’t mean you should just touch it casually.

Especially for small children or people who have just started owning a dog, their desire to take care of the dog is so strong that they may end up chasing the dog around even though the dog doesn’t like it and runs away. These are quite stressful for dogs.

Be careful even if skinship is necessary

Also, even if you don’t insist on physical contact, it can be stressful for your dog to touch you in places you don’t like. There are individual differences in resistance to being touched, but it is generally said that many children find it difficult to have their ears, feet, and tails touched.

There may be times when you have no choice but to touch it for cleaning or other care purposes, but please be extremely careful.

️3. Touch Where It Hurts

It’s a bit similar to forcing your dog to have physical contact, but dogs who are usually calm and don’t get angry no matter where you touch them may suddenly become angry if you touch them. In such a case, there is a possibility that you have an injury or illness somewhere in your body, or that you are suffering from invisible pain.

They are angry because being touched causes pain. In the wild, exposing one’s health problems can be life-threatening, so animals tend to try to hide their pain and health problems to the best of their ability.

If the pain is obvious, the situation may be quite serious. If you notice that your dog may be in pain, take him to the vet right away.

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3 Things You Should Never Do That Will Make Your Dog Angry!

What did you think? Of course, bad behavior can put stress on your dog and harm your dog’s mental and physical health, but dogs that can’t handle the stress can end up attacking humans, leading to unexpected bites. There are also risks.

If this happens, the result will be tragic for both the dog and the human. Even if your dog doesn’t like it, you won’t be able to express it in words, but it will definitely show signs of stress, such as trying to run away or making slight threats.

Before you seriously anger your dog, take a moment to reflect on whether there is anything dangerous about your behavior.

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